Metuchen Memorial Park


Metuchen Memorial Park, built in 2005, is a public park which honors the brave veterans of World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and aims to celebrate all veterans who have fought for our country. It is located between Essex Avenue and Memorial Parkway and is near several other public parks. There is parking near by since it is close to the the main streets that run through the town and downtown shopping area which holds town events such as parades and fairs. While visiting I was the only one there. The parks main purpose is to serve as a memorial and it is on the smaller size. Visitors are typically there for a specific reason of viewing the memorial. Each year seen a large gathering of people in the park in order to celebrate the live of our veterans. The park has speakers come and a salute. I have only ever seen it from afar through passing by. The park holds a flower bed, memorial tree garden and is split into separate sections for each war as shown in the diagram below.


Each war has a stone block which is engraved to be dedicated to the veterans which fought for our country. Below is an image of the stone dedicated to the veterans of the Korean War.


WWI also has a metal plaque upon a carved stone which is engraved with names of tho

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The Memorial Tree Grove contains groups of trees that are dedicated to fallen soldiers. The image below depicts one of the stones dedicated to a fallen soldier of World War I.


The memorial is complete with a flower bed and flag to commemorate the brave soldiers that risked and lost their lives defending our country.

Metuchen Memorial Park

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