The Geography of Food


The food we eat daily and the food we experience while traveling around the world all depends upon our location. Location determines what foods are grow locally and readily available in a particular region of the world. For example, certain states are known specifically for certain foods such as , Jersey tomatoes or Florida oranges.

Further, food is also culturally based which ties different cuisines to different countries. In this case, foods that certain cultures might find to be a delicacy may repulse those who are not of this culture or area. For instance, Guinea pigs are considered pets here in the United States but, in the mountains of Ecuador it is considered a meal (“Small Country, Many Tastes”). Therefore, people in the U.S. would find it disgusting to find Guinea pig on a menu, but to those native to Ecuador it is completely normal.

Location also affects fast food chains in order to appeal to different areas of the world. The United States is used to the burger and fries fast-food chain McDonald’s and would find it hard to believe that it would have different menus throughout the world. McDonald’s is a vast chain with restaurants around the world. An American in Japan would be surprised to find a Cheese Tsukimi Burger on the menu containing an over easy egg and aurora sauce (ketchup and mayonnaise). So see a full list of odd items on McDonald’s Menu in Japan click the link below!

Culturally and specially we determine what foods we eat. Whether we are eating local food in our home town or branching out and tasting foods abroad. Food can be key in understanding the landscape and the people living there. It is an interesting way to get to know each country and area of the world.


The Geography of Food

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