South Jersey Industries


South Jersey is home to South Jersey Industries which is a publicly held energy services holding company for a natural gas utility and other, non-regulated companies. Under this industry runs: South Jersey Gas, South Jersey Energy Solutions, South Jersey Energy, Marina Energy, South Jersey Resource Group, and South Jersey Energy Service Plus. This industry helps provide gas to over 340,000 residential, commercial, and industrial residents all over South Jersey. This industry helps run South Jersey in that it provides the necessary energy to operate. South Jersey Energy Service Plus provides the services of heating, cooling, and plumbing to both residential and commercial clients. In 2010, the industry’s revenue is about $925 million (Wikipedia). This industry is not only crucial to the development of South Jersey, but also benefits the community in it’s endeavors.


South Jersey Energy Service Plus recently donated the HVAC and hot water systems for a Cumberland County Habitat for Humanity home construction ( South Jersey Industries is a proud supporter of Habitat for Humanity and has provided and donated supplies to help the community and families have a safe and comfortable home. Not only is the industry providing necessary service but they are giving back to their community in order to better it for all. The industry further gives back  through their Social Investment Program which provides funding to qualifying non-profit organization in order to positively impact the community. They support health and social services, economic development, cultural diversity, vocational and technical education, and environmental preservation.

South Jersey Industries is one of the must beneficial industries for South Jersey. It provides the community with balance and sustainability in order to help it thrive. The industry provides revenue and jobs for the community as well as great means of giving back.


South Jersey Industries

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