The Campaign Map


Geography is a crucial element in any political campaign. Many states in the U.S. hold a large population of a specific political party. In the presidential election candidates depend on winning over certain states that have a larger electoral vote. According to The New York Times, “More than ever, the kind of place where Americans live — metropolitan or rural — dictates their political views.” The article continues to explain that the Republican Party tends to have more supporters in rural areas rather than urban. Geography is therefore the key to winning the presidential election.

In order to win an election a candidate must be able to recognize where they are most supported and expand from their to areas that may lean in the other direction. Candidates are well aware of the geographical influence necessary to win an election. They plan campaign route with crucial precision and focus on areas where the attention is needed most. The article mentioned above discusses that democratic candidates typically need to expand out of urban areas where they already have a lot of support and to focus on winning over the South and the more rural parts of the country.

The geographical location also determines the culture and values of the audience of a political candidate. They must recognize the social structure as well as the beliefs of the area in order to appeal to their audience and avoid conflicts. Certain areas take different issues more seriously and it is crucial to know your audience in order to speak to them and win their vote in any election. Geography is therefore a crucial component to any election especially the presidential election.





The Campaign Map

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