Religion in Europe vs. The United States

Religions_by_StateThe United States is a very culturally diverse country. Their are many different religions within the U.S. do to the large percent of immigrants living in the country who have brought with them their religious beliefs. According to the Christian Post, “In the United States, 60 percent of people said they were religious, while 30 percent were non-religious, and 5 percent were atheist.” Atheism is at a very low percentage in the U.S. compared to other countries, especially European countries. According to the article, “Among the top 10 most atheistic countries were four Asian nations and six European.”

European country are not as diverse as the United States and carry fewer religion which I believe to be the reason behind the larger percentage of Atheism in European countries. The article does not speculate what the reasoning is behind these numbers however, it does hint at a reasoning for the increase of Atheism in the Irish communities. Irish are predominantly Roman Catholic. The article suggest that child abuse scandals within the Roman Catholic Church are responsible for the lack of following.

I believe that corruption and scandal could be the reasoning behind the increase in Atheism in European countries. Since the countries are dominated by one religion they are more likely to see an abuse of power within the religious community. In contrast, the United States holds so many religions including Catholicism, Judaism, Hinduism, and many more their is less room for scandal. The religious communities are smaller and therefore are often more community based. Immigrants tend to stand by their religious beliefs in order to hold on to their customs and find resources within  a community. This is not really the case within large countries in Europe.

I believe that the diversity in the United States is a big asset to preserving different types of religions and their beliefs. Further, their is less stigma on religion in the U.S. and individuals have more freedom to practice than in other parts of the world.



Religion in Europe vs. The United States

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