The Importance of the Spanish Language

imageEnglish is slowly becoming more and more popular as a language of choice around the world. However, the importance of being bilingual is not diminished by this fact. People who speak more than one language increase their cognitive skills, as well as, their communication skills. They are opening up to more of the population by speaking multiple language. I believe that Spanish is the most useful language other than English. According to the New York Times, “The United States, with 41 million native Spanish speakers, is second only to Mexico as a Spanish-speaking country.”  Many American immigrants come from Spanish speaking countries. Knowing Spanish is beneficial to communicating with a large population of the United States. This would improve connections, business, and much more. Buisnesses and the government need to understand their people in order to thrive and put them first.

It is also a very influential language.When the Pope planned his first visit to America he intended to present 14 out of 18 speeches in Spanish. Spanish is the language of one of the most influential religious figures and translations usually do not do justice to the original statement or speech. Non-Spanish speakers may miss connections and images when they are subject to just the translation.

Further, Spanish is an important language for teachers to know in order to help English language learners in their classroom. Since most immigrants are native Spanish speakers; knowing Spanish makes teaching English easier. It breaks down the barrier between student and teacher. Furthermore, it breaks down cultural barriers and would allow the U.S. to become more united. It would also breakdown thoughts of racism and stereotypes put on Spanish speaking immigrants. I believe it is a very beneficial language to speak and understand fluently.


The Importance of the Spanish Language

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