U.S. Policy for Syrian Refugees


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Syrian refugees continue to struggle in the United States after escaping the terror they left behind. The New York Times recently interviewed a Syrian refugee that was relocated to Illinois. Mahmoud al-Haj Ali and his family have been working and struggling each day to pay their bills and their airfare debt from being relocated to America. Their family has been split up and there is know way of knowing if they will ever be reunited.

According to the article, “The al-Haj Alis are five of the 2,647 Syrian refugees who have been resettled in the United States, roughly 0.06 percent of the more than 4.5 million driven from the country since the uprising began in 2011.” There are millions that continue to live in fear. The U.S. has taken in a ridiculously small amount of Syrian refugees compared to the 25,000 in Canada and the 93,000 in Germany (Griswold, 2016). The United State can definitely afford to take in more than the measly 2,647 they have.

The United States needs to hold a firmer policy to ensure the safety and welfare of these people. It should be a priority to keep families together in order to maintain the family structures and ensure success of their relocation. Their need to be free programs set in place to help these refugees learn to English so that they can thrive in the United States, rather than barely get along.

The job is not done by simply providing an escape. Taking these refugees in makes the U.S. responsible for their well-being. These people have been through horrific events. They have seen so much pain. The dream of finding refuge in America and deserve the chance to thrive as they once did. Further, we need to give their children a chance by preparing them for the American public school systems.

As a future educator I believe all children have the right to a good and fair education. These children need programs in order to prepare them and prevent them from becoming discouraged or outcasted. The U.S. needs to create a strong policy in order to help these refugees regain what they have lost to war.

References: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/24/magazine/why-is-it-so-difficult-for-syrian-refugees-to-get-into-the-us.html?_r=0


U.S. Policy for Syrian Refugees

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