Finding an End to Cancer

In today’s world there is not a life in existence unaffected by Cancer. Everyone has a friend, a neighbor, a family member they know that is directly affected by Cancer. I have seen loved ones lost to this disease. I have watched my grandfather struggle after losing a lung to Cancer. Today’s youth attempts to fight against Cancer through events such as Relay For Life, an event organized to raise money for the American Cancer Society to fund Cancer research, and Alex’s Lemonade Stand, an American pediatric Cancer charity. Their goal is to find the cure for Cancer.

In the United States, we fight to end Cancer. But, many don’t realize how destructive the disease is worldwide. Poorer countries contain more Cancers that are harder to survive when combined with the other health issues in these countries. According to George Johnson of the New York Times, “Cancers of the poor will gradually give way to cancers of the more affluent. They will move up the list of leading killers, replacing the old diseases.”

In the United Stated we have been devoting millions of dollars to curing Americans of Cancers common in the U.S. But we fail to see that other countries contain Cancers that are extremely hard to survive along with their living conditions.

Cancer is a worldwide disease that needs to be eliminated globally. The focus of Cancer research needs to accommodate for those in the third world countries and help to eliminate Cancer on a larger scale. Rather than focusing all of the attention on economically stable countries.


Finding an End to Cancer

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